For many its a subject,

For us its Love & Life...


“While laying A rock wall, Many small stones are needed to support the fewer big stones, to hold them in place. If you leave out small stones, the big ones will have no support and they will fall. Without attending to details, personal excellence is not possible” ……… NMT lays these small stones to help students achieve their big targets. It believes that, it is the last inch that actually counts.

The students at NMT learn to dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. They learn to play every game to the end. They get back the self confidence and self dependence which have remarkably diminished over the years.

Success demands singleness of purpose. NMT believes that the only way to succeed in anything is to give it everything. We guide students to work hard in systematic manner and for this we are with the students at every step. 

There is nothing like being an educator, for it is here you get an opportunity to create lives. As an educator, I feel that students should be technologically superior and ethically stronger. They should not be just efficient engineers, doctors, educators or architects but they should be responsible citizens, humble professionals and caring individuals.

I wish each and every student to fulfill their dreams and shower my blessings on them for a bright future.

“For many its a subject, For us its Love & Life”