For any organization to grow, there should be 4 P’s. Product, People, Process and the ‘Passion’. It is the passion which gives you the vision. NMT follows a novel and unique approach towards the subject like ‘Maths’ which seems to be a big hurdle in success for most of the people.

This unique approach is one and only one of its kind in whole city or rather whole education system. The practice given is in the form where every day is a day of challenge. Each day is the day of achieving the goals.

NMT does not have one sided conventional lectures. The lectures are supported by audio visual techniques. The students are encouraged to perform well within the given time.

The daily doubt sessions in the evening, act as spine to their performance, which gets improved with the strong support. The students enjoy the puzzles and games which are the fillers between the lectures. The systematic approach is developed through regular tests and objective sheets.

The award ceremony twice a year is looked forward by the students since that is the proud moment achieved by their sum performance of all activities. The whole system is such that the love and passion for the subject gets deeper day by day. This definitely creates a ground for competitive exams.

In short, NMT fulfills all the requirements of the student and form a very strong foundation for all exams including IIT / CPT / SAT / CAT / NTSE. After all, there are always two roads ahead of us – One that is right and other that is easy. Always choose ‘right’ over ‘easy’.

NMT is the right choice for forming a strong foundation.